Monday, April 2, 2012


Hi! Welcome to D. Glenn Design! Here I will present my learning experiences from my Form, Space and order class as an Interior Design Student at Savannah College of Art and Design. I will also post different design related projects I work on for personal enjoyment, past projects, and different green designs, that CAPTURE sustainable design. Again thank you for joining me in my experiences!


Veronica said...

I really like this blog! Its very clean and I could tell that you like the color green. lol. Its also very easy to navigate through. GREAT JOB!!!

SP said...

You have a nice intro for your blog. I hope to see your works soon!

SP said...

Oh, sorry I didn't realize that you have a catagory to assist to view the vocab study. I think you did good job, but you need to put the original pictures for each ones. Good job!

jbradley said...

I had a difficult time with your blog. It looks great, but I had a hard time understanding how to comment under the correct post. So here I am. It looks like you are making progress and I look forward to future post. Good luck!

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