Design Philosophy

My Design philosophy focuses on Capturing Sustainable Green Design. I want to also capture all aspects of my life that hold importance my design, and my everyday life. Interior design holds the organization and individual creativity I have a thirst for, to share with the world in monetary, and charitable means. I draw inspiration from bamboo. Bamboo is a plant that endures so much, but requires very little. In storms bamboo bends with the wind, but after the storm it resumes its original upright position. To me this symbolizes its ability to cope with adversity and stand firm against odds without losing its ground. I want to live like bamboo, and live life able to stand on my own through struggles. The colors Green, brown, and blue represent life, order, and truth. I live life following those three concepts. With green design I can appreciate natural life, and work with what God and the earth has given me. I can create, and maintain order within the world through research, time, and energy to help others. Staying true to myself, and others is how I will go about doing anything in life, because though truth all is possible.